Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015

Cory Carrilio Tier 3

Hey James, this is an idea for an environment that I have, still very rough but I want to take this further and I was wondering what I could do to make fast thumbnails stronger.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Albert Lin -Tier 4 ($50)

Hey James, The theme for this one is a spaceship hangar
Want to practice more line drawing before moving onto value painting next month

Elodie Jean Tier 2

Hi, I am working on this two pieces and I seriously need help.

Thank you!

Justin Totemical Tier 4.

Here is my submission for Sept, Tier 4. 

Seif Ragab - Tier 2

Thanks for the ongoing great critique, here are my works for this month.

Yigit Isik - Tier 2

Hi James,
Thanks for last month's feedback.
Here are the pieces for this month. One is a scene from the riots in Turkey the summer of 2013 and the other is a scene depicting the alien interference on the construction of ancient Egyptian civilization.
Thanks in advance!
Yigit Isik

Aaron Wilkerson - Tier 2

An old one I'd like to call finished.

For this second one I was going for a Dead Space kind of vibe with a broken hull and I was planning to put an astronaut floating somewhere. The composition has problems. 
 Thanks James!

Jenny Tan - Tier 4 ($50)

Hey James

Here's my September piece, it's actually something I whipped up for a different sort of mentorship.  I'll have an environment to submit next month. I had a question about homework/exercises... when we do receive it, would it be possible to post up maybe a compilation of our progress for you to have a quick eyeball? I don't think you'd have time to give us a critique on it, but just overall passing remarks on whether we've picked up on any bad habits/ weaknesses/ strengths etc. 



Kim Petersen – Tier 4

Here's my image for september.  Trying out a more graphical approach (with 3D base). Looking forward hearing your thoughts about how I can push this further.

Higher res here: Kim Petersen September


Andreas Kjær-Jensen - Tier 4 (50$)

Hello James, here is my piece for September. I decided to practice som prop design, still not very experienced with it though so I thought it would be great to get some feeedback on that specific topic. This is a weapon design I did for practice. I used Modo for modelling, Keyshot for base render and spent several hours in Photoshop touching it up and adding texture.

Can't wait to get my feedback and thanks for the great stuff from the last months!

Daniel Pollok - Tier 4(50$)

Hi James,

here is one of my recent character designs. Tell me what you think!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lucas Örström - Tier 4

Hi James. This is a pirate shipwreck city. I want this to have cinematic feel and lighting quality but I'm not there. Thanks!

Petr Ledecky - Tier 1

Hello James,

like always thanks a lot for critique.

Joseph Diaz (Tier 4)

Dear James,

Here is my submission. Please, feel free to change the image and composition as much as you want. Thank you in advance for all your help.

Dennis Houwers - Tier3

Hello. Here's my work for this month. I like the scene sofar but would like to know how to make it more interesting and have a better overall read and better focal points. Some tips on lightning and image optimizing (contrast, levels etc) are very welcome too!

Thanks, and looking forward to the overpaints!

Tim Begent - Tier 4 ($50)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Edmund Chan (Tier 3)

Some photo-bashing in this piece.

Justin Donaldson - $10

so we have yet another unfinished Egyptian piece. I can't wait to hear back (and I already have some changes I would make to this based on what I saw last time, but here we go!).
Thanks so much!

Germán Reina (Tier 1)

Some character design:

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Alex Garmash_(Tier 2)

Hi James here my two works, not a piece of a cake yet, but I reckon your advice will help me to improve it.
Fighting with values:)

The same works but in lines if it helps somehow.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Hello Everyone,

And welcome to the September session of Critique! We ask you to post your work here for review, and we have just a few notes for you:

- In the title, please include your Name, & Patreon Tier Group #
- Please only submit the maximum allowed pieces, depending on your tier group.
- Please submit all submissions no later than: 11:59pm Sept. 10th 2015, Pacific Time

Thank you again, and we're really looking forward to the group!